A Game Engine based Networked Infrastructure to Create and Share 3D Abstract Art

Bal Singh, Pauline De Souza


Online communities have been proactive in producing
collaborative creative content such as music, games and other
social interactions. Online collaboration has enabled contributors
to peer produce and share masses of creative content. Examples
range from information sharing such as Wikipedia to open
source software and other specific art projects. Software vendors
have recently introduced low cost 2D and 3D content authoring
tools allowing user communities to generate and share creative
content. Emerging networking programming interfaces available
inside modern game engines allow contributors to implement
multiplayer or multiuser interaction relatively easily. This paper
presents a 3D art creation framework to be used over networked
infrastructure in a multiuser environment. Contributors will be
able to create 3D sculptures at runtime, share with other users in
a common networked working environment and critique each
other’s work. Experimental work also involved evaluating
procedurally generated meshes versus instantiation of primitive
mesh objects. Saving and loading mesh information in an
optimum way is also explored.


3D Art; online collaboration; interactive art; networking; game engine; procedural meshes; performance analysis;

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