Container ecosystem based PaaS solution for Telco Cloud Analysis and Proposal

Vinay Murudi, Krishna M Kumar


Telco over Cloud, Network Function Virtualization and
Software Defined Networking are changing the
telecommunications industry landscape, more
specifically in the Telco Service Providers network
infrastructure and systems, by introducing cloud
computing, virtualization paradigms and software
approaches which are already in use and mature in
traditional IT environments.
This paper introduces the current telco cloud landscape
and latest developments. It subsequently proposes a
container based telco app orchestration mechanism.
The shift of the telco cloud landscape towards
containers is imperative as the traditional VM based
NFV and SDN solutions are running into scalability
and performance problems and have an impact on
delivery speed and efficient resource utilization.
In the solution we have derived in our lab uses a cluster
container orchestration mechanism using Apache
Mesos. A custom framework is developed to handle the
Telco specific (NFV) capabilities on top of the
traditional containers. This novel approach will help
telcos to provision tons of containers in a span of short
duration adhering to the QoS Requirements of the

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