AHP-based Adaptive Resource Selection for Cognitive Platform in Cloud Gaming Service

Atchara Rueangprathum, Somchai Limsiroratana, Suntorn Witosurapot


Cloud gaming service enables offloading heavy video-processing tasks up to the cloud server so that simple computers or mobile devices can be eligible to run sophisticated games, but on the expense of high network communications. In this regard, the adequate network utilization must be realized for delivering good gaming experiences to the game players. This necessitates a cognitive platform, which is capable of modifying its multimedia quality requirement in response to the network constraint, and notifying the cloud gaming server for updating the corresponded workload. In this regard, the Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) method has been proposed to deploy at the cognitive platform for cloud gaming service to select an optimal resource allocation strategy that satisfies various multimedia requirements and energy-awareness. Experiment results can confirm that the proposed method is flexible to enhance the capability of cloud gaming service in term of more efficient cloud gaming resource utilization, particularly during heavy-congested periods, while players’ quality of gaming experience can be still maintained under the mandate of intelligent agent on the player devices.


mobile cloud gaming; cognitive agent; multimedia adaptation; context awareness; AHP

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