Development and Pilot Test of a Chinese Medicine as Longevity Modality (CALM) Videos in Improving Hypertension Management in Chinese Immigrants: Feasibility of Educational and Storytelling Video

Wen- Wen Li, Ting-Lun Lu, Diana Huang


Currently, there are minimal educational materials customized for first-generation Chinese immigrants on hypertension management. The San Francisco Bay area has an increasingly large population of first-generation Chinese immigrants. Thus, the need for culturally sensitive and appropriate educational materials is critical for this vulnerable population to manage their hypertension. The aim of this study was to update and test the feasibility of the Chinese Medicine as Longevity Modality (CALM) DVD videos, including: 1) a patient education program using a Powerpoint file, conveyed via a video format; and 2) a storytelling video. The feasibility of the CALM videos was assessed by individual interviews using structured, open-ended questions to determine the participants’ comprehension of the video content and offering feedback and suggestions for the refinement of the videos. Findings generally demonstrated helpfulness of the proposed intervention protocol suggesting that educational materials that are culturally sensitive and appropriate are beneficial for the target population.


component; Chinese Immigrants; Chinese Medicine; Storytelling; Hypertension; Patient Education

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