A Proposed Blended Course Design for Inter-Professional Education: Using Inquiry to Develop Critical Thinking for Inter-Professional Practice in Undergraduate Students

Ruth Swart


The purpose of this proposed blended course design is to develop inter-professional communication and collaboration in critical thinking, inquiry, and learning. Implementation of inter-professional education between undergraduate students from different faculties enables a building of connections and relationships which could lead to improved collaboration in future inter-professional practice. Critical thinking has been acclaimed as essential in the provision of competent healthcare. The proposal of a blended-learning format provides a means to accommodate the inherent scheduling challenges between different faculties, and captures the potential of cultivating critical thinking in learning experiences during face-to-face, simulation, online learning, and social media interactions. Proposing a blended inquiry-based approach would seek to utilize various educational strategies in presenting an innovative means to teaching and learning within inter-professional healthcare education.


inter-professional education, critical thinking, inquiry, blended learning

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