3-Level Integrated Telemedicine Network for Improving Healthcare Access to Rural India

Rajdeep Tyagi, Sripriya S


In a country like India, with its huge population, diverse landmass and where there is a shortage of qualified health workers and specialists in rural areas, telemedicine is going to be the most optimal solution to deliver expert advice from a central part to remotest corners of the country. In addition, as Indians spend most of their out-of-pocket health expenses on travel and accommodation in order to receive specialty treatments, Telemedicine will turn out to be the cheap and fast, as well as bridge the rural–urban health divides. With its huge strides in the medical field and expertise in ICT, India holds a great promise to become a leader in the field of telemedicine. There have been various efforts by disparate entities like ISRO, C-DAC, DRDO, and Apollo Hospitals and so on, which now needs a uniform, coordinated efforts and a larger participation from other players in the field of medicine and ICT. This paper proposes a 3-Level Integrated Telemedicine Network Infrastructure which would pave the way for an integrated telemedicine network in India.


telemedicine; healthcare; rural India; ICT, Tripura

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