An Innovative Integration of Genetics and Genomics Content into a Baccalaureate Nursing Curriculum: The Web-Based Mini-Course in Genetics and Genomics

Delwin B. Jacoby


The purpose of this project was to develop a self contained web-based mini-course which meets the identified genetics and genomics competencies for undergraduate nursing education so that it can be utilized by a baccalaureate nursing program. The Plan-Do-Study-Act model for quality improvement was used to guide this project that included assessing knowledge in genetics and genomics of 2 cohorts of baccalaureate nursing students. Clear outcome measures were established and both groups took a 16 question quiz based on established genetic competencies for baccalaureate nursing education. Additional outcomes were measured regarding a family pedigree construction and a genetics resource/referral activity. The mean genetics quiz score for the pre-intervention student cohort was 49.3% versus the mean genetics quiz score of 88.7% for the student cohort who completed the web-based mini-course in genetics and genomics. Nursing scholars and educators have clearly documented the need to integrate genetics and genomics into the baccalaureate nursing curriculum, but limited documentation exists on how to do so. This quality improvement project offers an innovative and effective method in which to accomplish this challenging task and suggests additional application to master’s and doctoral level nursing educational programs as well.


Genetics; genomics; nursing education

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