Effect of Various Non Conventional Aging Treatments on the Mechanical Properties and Quality Indices of Cast and Heat Treated Components of Aluminum Alloy 354

G Dinesh Babu ., M Nageswara Rao .


Cast aluminum alloy 354 is widely used for
production of critical automobile components, thanks to its
outstanding castability and attractive combination of mechanical
properties in heat-treated condition. With the engines of higher
performance entering the scene, there has been a constant
demand to further improve the mechanical behavior of the
castings made of the alloy. Exploring improvements in processing
has been one important approach in this context. The present
study explores the possibility of improving tensile properties of
the alloy by adopting certain non-conventional aging treatments.
The treatments include aging cycles similar to T6I4 and T6I6
referred to in the published literature, artificial aging in two
steps instead of in single step and artificial aging preceded by
various natural aging times. The results show that these nonconventional
treatments do not lead to overall improvement of
tensile properties compared to the standard T61 treatment.


Cast aluminum alloy 354, Compressor wheel, Nonconventional aging treatments, Tensile properties, Quality indices

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