From Micro to Macro, the Weakening Effect of the Interfacial Transition Zone to the Structure

Ay Lie Han, Purwanto .


Research conducted at the Diponegoro University
resulted in the development of an FEM program for analyzing
the influence of the Interfacial Transition Zone (ITZ) between
the aggregates and the mortar, in concrete. It was shown that
indeed, the ITZ has a substantial weakening effect to the ultimate
strength and stiffness modulus behavior of concrete. High wcf,
bleeding and the presence of a water film surrounding the
aggregates, resulted in a decrease of the ITZ quality. The study
was further expanded to analyze this weakening effect to a twostory
building. It was found that the condition of the ITZ
considerably influences the overall performance of a structure.


Energy, FEM Program, ITZ, Load- Displacement, Structural Stiffness.

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