Comparison of Methods to Identify of Moisture Distribution

J. Skramlik ., M. Novotny ., K. Suhajda .


The paper deals with the problems of moisture
detection in materials utilized in building structures by means of
microwaves. It includes the results of experimental monitoring of
one-dimensional water transport in inert porous materials in the
form of transport of liquid moisture in a non-stationary state of
moistening. The aim of this paper deals with comparison of
Boltzmann - Matan method and integral method for determining
the moisture distribution in the porous material taking into
account standard. Effect of moisture distribution in the porous
material for use in practice is still insufficiently no researched.
Many technical studies show that the moisture monitoring is
prevailingly based on experiments. The research objective is to
verify a newly developed methodology in order to obtain
characteristic moisture parameters of building materials by a
non-destructive method using microwave radiation (EMWR).


Gradient, Integral Method, Microwave Radiation, Moisture

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