The Role of Humidity in Energy Output of Solar Panels in Coastal Regions

Xueyan Li ., Theodore Putra Prawiradiraja, Dilip Battul .


Based on the analysis of two-year experimental
data, we suggest that the humidity plays a unique role in
determining the energy output of silicon solar panels in
Singapore. Due to the existence of huge water body, the
temperature dependence of humidity in Singapore is rather
complicated, leading to significant oscillations of energy output of
solar systems as functions of temperature. Numerical models
incorporating the humidity effects are proposed to explain the
observed energy output of various kinds of silicon solar panels
including monocrystalline, polycrystalline, and amorphous
systems. Results we reported in this paper may have important
implications in the future development of solar industry in
coastal regions such as Singapore.


Solar Panel, Silicon Solar Cell, Weather Conditions, Coastal Regions.

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