Weekly Vegetable Markets of Bhopal, M.P., India

Dr. Rajshree Kamat, Ashish Kumar Chauhan


Contribution of informal sector is very important for
the development of any area, zone, state or nation as this sector
provides the opportunity to the unskilled persons to earn their
livelihood and starting the entrepreneurship which leads to a
formal sector.
As a part of informal activity weekly market is one
important aspect which should be focused. There is a need to
change from old weekly market to planned and sustainable
market and the planning tool will help to accomplish this task
The aim of the study is to plan for the weekly vegetable
markets in Bhopal which will include all dimensions of the
planning and sustainability i.e. economic, physical, social etc.
Study tries to come up with the development guidelines which
will help in planning any vegetable market in any type of location
which is primarily located along the road, near the railway
station, near residential area, dedicated space, open area, near
commercial land use etc.


Informal economic activity, Weekly Vegetable Markets, Street Vendor, unskilled persons

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