A Novel Evolutionary Algorithm for Capacitor Placement in Distribution Systems

Ji-Pyng Chiou, Chung-Fu Chang


This paper uses an effective method, CODEQ method, with integer programming for solving the capacitor placement problems in distribution systems. Different from the original differential evolution (DE), the concepts of chaotic search, opposition-based learning, and quantum mechanics are used in the CODEQ method to overcome the drawback of selection of the crossover factor and scaling factor used in the original DE method. One benchmark function and one 9-bus system from the literature are used to compare the performance of the CODEQ method with the DE, and simulated annealing (SA). Numerical results show that the performance of the CODEQ method is better than the other methods. Also, the CODEQ method used in 9-bus system is superior to some other methods in terms of solution power loss and costs.


Capacitor Placement. Chaotic Search. CODEQ. Opposition-based Learning. Quantum Mechanics

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