‘Gender-Neutrality’ Against ‘Gender Equality:’ Evading the Anti-feminist Backlash

Abu Saleh Md. Rafi


This research primarily investigates the complexities of gender-biased policy in education discourse in the name of promoting ‘gender-equality’ which envisions to empowering women. This study also vigilances the inevitable antifeminist backlash resulted from the implementation of these policies in the socio-economical context of any developing country. Further, it traces out the patterns of transformations required exploring two other policy areas; media discourse and social work. Undertaking extensive theoretical research and empirical evidences, this study contributes a new conceptual framework to the established discourse of gender and policy by redressing the so called ‘equality concept’ of feminism.


gender and education; gender-neutrality; gender-equality; backlash; feminism; masculinity.

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