Adaptive Fuzzy Sliding Mode Controller for Attitude Coordinated Control in Spacecraft Formation

Wen Xin ., Zhu Shasha ., Zhang Xingwang .


The attitude coordinated control problem of a spacecraft formation in leader-follower approach is considered in this paper. An adaptive fuzzy sliding mode control scheme is designed to achieve tracking and synchronization in spacecraft formation in the presence of model uncertainties and external disturbances. The proposed control law consists of two parts: equivalent control and switching control. In order to attenuate high-frequency chattering caused by the switching control, the adaptive fuzzy control is utilized to approximate the sign function of the switching control. Moreover, fuzzy rules are employed to smooth the switching control based on the sliding surface.
Lyapunov theory is applied to proof the stability of the closedloop system. Finally, simulation results and comparative analysis
are carried out to demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed method.


Spacecraft formation; Attitude coordinated; Sliding mode control; Adaptive fuzzy control

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