A Cross-case Study on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in the Philippines: A Comparative Analysis on Perspectives from the Top Banking Institutions in the Philippines from 2010-2014

Frederick P. Romero


Corporate Social Responsibility by corporations and businesses helps alleviate the effect of the significant problems faced by the community such as poverty, environmental degradation, social inequality, health and illness, drugs, crime and terrorism and some others. This paper investigates the major Philippine banking institutions’ awareness on these given social problems by content analysis methodology, which is done by understanding the use of media releases (such as Annual reports, Sustainability Reports and other online press releases and news releases) in the marketing and communication of corporate social responsibility (CSR). The scope of the CSR reports is based on the 4-year time period 2010-2014. This study tries to determine the coverage on the social aspects of the top Philippine banking institutions based on the classification: Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Corporate Communication, Corporate Philanthropy, and Corporate Social Behavior in Banks. Moreover, the paper seeks to: (1) Examine the social-responsibility issues portrayed in the annual reports by banks; (2) Examine the nature of such issues handled by banks (3) Know what are the most important CSR issues being addressed by the top Philippine banking institutions.


Banking, Corporate Social Responsibility, Content Analysis

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