Export Marketing Performance (EMP) of Pakistan SMEs impacted by the Internet

Mahmood A. Awan, Wenqing Zhang


This paper studies the impact of the
Internet (when used for communication, networking,
market research, sales, image enhancement, cost
reduction and competitive advantage purposes) on
export marketing performance of developing country
exporters. It was found that Internet use for the purposes
of communication and cost reducing significantly
impacted the export marketing performance of
exporters. Evidence has also been provided that when the
Internet is used for communication and cost reduction,
this will have a positive impact on export marketing
performance. Thus, it is important for the management
of such exporters to be aware of these factors when using
the Internet for exporting at such scale. The unit of
analysis was an individual exporter. Data was gathered
via a self-administered mail survey of over 400 Pakistani
exporters coming from a wide cross-section of industries.
It is recommended that future researchers replicate this
study with a larger sample and a larger developing
country to examine whether the relationships between
variables still hold true on an industry-by-industry basis,
as some industries have more interactive websites than


The Internet, Export Marketing Performance, Developing countries, Pakistan, Firm’s International Experience

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