Measuring the Service Delivery Quality Mobily Telecom in the Western Region of Saudi Arabia as a Case Study

Abdulaziz S. Alangari


The objective of this research was to measure the
quality of service delivery of the telephone service in Mobily
Telecom in the western region of Suadi Arabia so as to detect
the gap type (positive or negative) and determine, if there, the
match between customers’ expectations and employees’
perception. To do just this, SERVQUAL model was used.
Concerning the sample of the study, Mobily Telecom in the
western Region (Mecca and Jeddah) was selected. In detail, the
sample of company officials was 164 employees and 221
customers (both current and potential). The research adopted
the survey as a tool to collect data. As for results, the research
has come out with tangible findings, including the following:
there is a negative gap between customers’ expectations and
official’s awareness in terms of the dimensions of service quality
of service and there is a negative gap between customers’
perception towards service quality elements and management’s
awareness to those elements.


Quality Service; customers; SERVQUAL Model

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