Mainland Chinese Tourists’ Expectations, Perceived Performance of and Satisfaction towards Shopping Malls in Hong Kong

Chi Bo Wong, Ka Li Kelly Wong, Hing Cheong Ng, Man Ho Wong


Tourists from mainland China constitute one of the world's biggest and fastest-growing travel markets. The Hong Kong Tourism Board expects the frequency of the mainland Chinese tourists to grow steadily. One of the beneficiaries of this phenomenon is Hong Kong’s shopping malls. However, understanding of tourists from mainland China’s expectations from, perceived performance of and satisfaction with the shopping malls’ attributes in Hong Kong is inadequate. This study intends to fill this important gap. A survey questionnaire was employed for data collection. The main results reveal the mainland Chinese tourists’ levels of satisfaction, indifference and dissatisfaction as well as the relationship between shopping malls’ attributes and customer satisfaction.


Shopping mall attributes; mainland Chinese tourists; expectations; perceived performance; customer satisfaction

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