Innovative Entrepreneurial Education for International Hospitality and Tourism Business (IHTB)

Maria Christina Liem, Eric Yosua


This paper presents an example of effective and innovative entrepreneurial education for first semester International Hospitality and Tourism Business (IHTB) students at University of Ciputra (UC) through a real entrepreneurial project, IHTB Culture Festival 2011: Discover Exotic China. This festival is held on 28th to 30th October 2011 was self-financed entrepreneurial project involving 48 IHTB – UC students. Tasked to engage their target group of teenagers and adults creatively, the students focused on four specific learning sequences: discover ideas and researching target market interest, observation possibilities solution, event implementation; and self-reflection. Each of learning sequence has been concluded by evaluation process. Evaluation throughout their learning journey helped the students to articulate their experience and consolidate their knowledge in the hospitality sector.
Even though the financial profit is not the only expected result of this learning journey, the profit of IDR 16.5 million clearly indicated the success of the project that worth IDR 100 million and provided great satisfaction and a sense of achievement to all IHTB – UC students.


entrepreneurial education; innovative; hospitality business, hospitality services; MICE

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