Are Women Students More Inclined Towards Entrepreneurship? An Entrepreneurial University Experience

Naila Aaijaz, Mohamed Dahlan Bin Ibrahim


Women entrepreneurs are very popular in Malaysia.
This study has been conducted in the state of Kelantan, bearing
the reputation of being an entrepreneurial state and harbouring
the highest number of women entrepreneurs too. Recognizing the
importance of the emerging women entrepreneurs in creating a
vibrant and dynamic economy for the nation, the Malaysian
Government has been actively promoting women
entrepreneurship towards realising Malaysia’s Vision 2020.
However surprisingly, little research has been undertaken to
determine the factors influencing inclination of women students
towards entrepreneurship, particularly in Malaysia. The
literature suggests that social psychological and educational
institutes approaches are widely used to explore and analyze the
relationship between the influence of women’s individual
characteristics, internal motivation, parental influence, and their
business management acumen, business interest and willingness,
goals and motives, networking and entrepreneurial orientation
and inclination.


Inclination,entrepreneurhip, women students

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