An Investigation of the Character Traits of Decision-Makers Open to Intuition as a Tool

C. Schreier, A. Schubert, J. Weber, J. Farrar


The increasing complexity of business environments has resulted in decision-making also becoming more complicated. While classical decision-making theories purport strategic decision-making to be a result of rational contemplation, more recent research findings have put forward a more holistic view, which includes intuition as a tool for decision-making processes. Studies illustrate, that the implementation of intuition as a part of decision-making in companies can lead to improved company performance. Dealing with decisions and the way decisions are made is very individual and according to Musso and Francioni (2012) is mostly influenced by the decision maker’s personality. Traditionally, there has been a differentiation made between decision-makers that employ a rational method of decision-making and those that use intuition. Successful decision-makers appear to be able to commingle both of these decision-making methods and it is the character traits of precisely these decision-makers which will be scrutinized. The aim of this paper is to discuss the personality of the decision-maker who is open to intuition.


leadership; leadership tool; decision-makers; character traits; intuition; holistic decision-making

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