Unstable Sense of Agency under Consistent Force Feedback

Nadiya Slobodenyuk


The present study undertakes an ecological approach to haptic interfaces grounded in the sense of agency that accompanies human action. The study had two aims. The first aim was to investigate the effect of two top-down cues (perceived initiation of action and presence of action options) on sense of agency in haptic interfaces. The second aim was to investigate the consistency of the sense of agency and answer the question whether consistent force feedback (bottom-up cue) is sufficient to grant stable experience of agency. The results of the study suggest that while high number of action options can be associated with stronger agency, low numbers of action options are unlikely to produce such effect, and that the cue of task completion might be critical for the sense of agency. The study also showed that sense of agency was relatively inconsistent, with the main source of uncertainty being computer-attributed agency. The discussion addresses issues of joint human-computer agency and the contribution of multiple sources of information to agency experience.


sense of agency, motion control, joint human-computer action

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