Convergent Validity of a Single Question with Multiple Classification Options for Depression Screening in Medical Settings

H. Edward Fouty, Hanny C. Sanchez, Daniel S. Weitzner, Brianna M. Brandon, Rachel A. Mills, Estefany S. Bologna, Daniel Guzman, Nicole A. Baker


The purpose of this study was to assess the convergent validity of a single depression question with multiple classification options for depression screening. Participants were 40 medical inpatients. The age range of our sample was 18 to 85 years (M = 56.15, SD = 17.66). A clinical interview and the BDI-II were administered. The correlation between patients’ self-rating classification of depression and their BDI-II classification was significant, rs(38) = .90, p < .01. Follow-up repeated-measures chi-square revealed a statistically significant association between BDI-II classification and patients’ self-rating classification, χ2(9, N = 40) = 47.79, p < .005. Significant positive standardized residuals revealed a clear linear relationship between BDI-II and patient self-rating classifications. Our data support the use of a single depression question with multiple classification options as a useful and valid means of quickly screening for the presence of depression by frontline health care professionals.


validity; depression screening; single question; BDI-II; severity level

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