Measuring the Influence and Intensity of Customer’s Sentiments in Facebook and Twitter

Rashmi Sharma, Hemlata Sharma, Pallavi Sharma


Organisations these days are actively using social media platforms to engage with potential and existing customers and monitor what they say about the organisation’s product or service. The most important area within social media monitoring lies in how to gain insight for sentiment analysis. Sentiment analysis helps in effective evaluation of customer’s sentiments in real time and takes on a special meaning in the context of online social networks like Twitter and Facebook, which collectively represent the largest online forum available for public opinion. Sentiment Analysis is not about retrieving and analyzing the analytics purely on the basis of positive, negative or neutral sentiment. It is imperative to assess the influencers of the sentiments in terms of Retweet and Share option used by them on Twitter and Facebook platform respectively. Measuring the intensity is other important aspect of sentiment analysis process. What kind of nouns, adjectives, verbs and adverbs are used in the opinion across the Twitter and Facebook platform matters as well since it exhibits the intensity of the underlying emotion in the text written. This study was conducted to propose a framework to identify and analyse the positive and negative sentiments present in Twitter and Facebook platforms and an algorithm was prepared to measure the intensity and influence of the positive, negative sentiment in particular using the document and sentence level analysis technique.


Sentiment Analysis, Influence, Intensity, Social Media monitoring, sentence level analysis, document level analysis

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