Building Capacity and Enhancing Engagement – Innovative Approach at The Scarborough Hospital

Rhonda Lewis


TSH’s proactive approach towards building employee capacity and enhancing engagement as it prepares to address imminent transformational workforce shift in the health care sector, is embodied in its innovative Code Career program. A discussion of the unique components will highlight the pioneering journey that the organization embarked upon towards achieving its goals of attracting, engaging and retaining high-performing employees. It is a well-researched fact that the opportunity for career development and progression is a key driver of employee attraction and engagement. Capacity must be built internally and externally through short-term and long-term plans, on a system as well as localized basis. Value propositions must inspire and endear in order to attract and engage. Actions must speak louder than words. All of these concepts come visibly and vibrantly alive in the novel and leading-edge Code Career program – establishing the organization firmly as an innovative leader committed to building employee capacity and enhancing employee engagement.


capacity; engagement; career; development; employee; framework; model

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