Nepalese Critical Care Nurses’ Competency Towards Pressure Ulcer Prevention

Amrita Shrestha, Asst. Prof. Dr. Khomapak Maneewat, Dr. Charuwan Kritpracha


Objectives: To examine the level of Nepalese critical care nurses’ competency including knowledge, attitude, and practice towards PU prevention. Methods: Data were collected from 98 eligible nurses working in intensive care unit/critical care unit (ICU/CCU) of three hospitals in Nepal from February to April 2017, using Nurses’ Competency Towards Pressure Ulcer (PU) Prevention Questionnaire. Data were analyzed using descriptive statistics. Results: The level of nurses’ competency was categorized into 5 levels. The Nepalese critical care nurses’ competency towards PU prevention was at a low level. The knowledge and attitude of Nepalese critical nurses’ towards PU prevention were at a low and moderate level, respectively. While the practice of Nepalese critical care nurses was at a very low level. Conclusion: Nursing competence is an integral part of positive health outcomes of patients. The low level of competence towards PU prevention among Nepalese critical care nurse, therefore, raises the nation concern to increase their competency in order to increase the quality of PU prevention.


critical care; nurses’ competency; pressure ulcer

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