Is surrogacy morally acceptable in Hong Kong?

LUK Hi Kwan Bronya, FU Chui Yuk Idy


Surrogacy is always a controversial topic in the world, especially when it is with payment. In this article, the issues about the surrogacy and its risks the women’s health, treating women as a commodity, constitutes babies-selling, changes the traditional family structure and values, degrades women productive dignity and exploits women from lower social stratum have been discussed. In Hong Kong, surrogacy is not against the law. However, using it for commercial surrogacy is prohibited. Surrogacy is gaining popularity in the West. However, it is still not widely accepted because of the strong sense of blood ties within the family in Chinese society. The non-commercialization and non-enforcement approaches of surrogacy are adopted in Hong Kong to protect the welfare of the child and the surrogate mother to uphold family values and family integrity, as well as to keep the commercial market out of family relationships.


surrogacy, altruistic surrogacy, baby selling, commodity

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