Pink Cloud Syndrome Among Ruled Drug Users in Iligan City Drug Treatment and Rehabilitation Center (ICDTRC)

Jan Igor T. Galinato, Karen R. Veloso


Substance abuse is a global challenge with an
inimical effect on an individual’s health. It has been
associated with crime, violence, risky behaviour, and poor
health consequences. The term “Pink Cloud” is used to
describe a state in which a person undergoing treatment
manifests euphoria, overconfidence, and a false sense of
well-being, therefore making them vulnerable to relapse.
This study determined the demographic profile, and risk
status for relapse, and motivation, readiness for and
retention in treatment of ruled drug users in ICDTRC
and their corresponding relationships with one another.
The researchers utilized a descriptive-correlational design
and two modified questionnaires were employed to 22
respondents. The data obtained were analyzed through
Pearson Correlational Formula.

It was found that 13 or 59% of the respondents
are not at risk for relapse. There is a direct relationship
between their risk status for relapse and gender,
educational attainment, marital status, employment
status, and length of stay in rehab. Furthermore, majority
of the respondents have medium to high motivation,
readiness for and retention in treatment, which has an
inverse relationship with their age, marital status,
employment status, and length of stay in rehab.


The researchers conclude that men have a
higher rate of drug abuse than women and being single,
unemployed, having a high education level and low
income may increase one’s risk for drug use.
Additionally, single, unemployed, and younger
respondents who stayed for less than 90 days in rehab
tended to have better motivation to retain treatment.
Thus, it is imperative for symptoms of relapse to be
continually assessed throughout the treatment program
to promote a lasting recovery. Increasing awareness on
Pink Cloud Syndrome and its symptoms through health
teaching and use of a targeted treatment approach for
each individual are also recommended to improve
treatment outcome.


substance abuse relapse; Pink Cloud Syndrome; motivation; treatment

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