The Implementation of Friendly Hand Hygiene Project in KAUH

Alla Ba Mohammed ., Sharifah Mohidin .


Healthcare workers use their hands to treat, and
provide care to those in need, but sometimes those hands cause
serious infections. Healthcare associated infections (HAIs) are
the fifth leading cause of death among hospitalized patients,
which emphasizes the importance of effective preventative
implementations. Evidence shows that hand hygiene is the best
method to prevent HAIs. This project utilizes an action method
by uses a multi-stage process starting from combining the
literature review themes, then identifying the ideal
recommendations, then to filter the most appropriate
recommendations and implement into King Abdulaziz University
Hospital (KAUH).
The literature review discusses on work overload, role modeling,
internal motivation and culture that influence compliance rates
for health care workers (HCWs) and identifies the ideal solutions
and recommendations in order to increase the compliance rates,
quality of care, patients’ safety and the organization as a whole.
These recommendations were utilized in implementing this
project, which includes reminder programs by visiting all
departments in KAUH, innovation of a code among HCWs, and
carrying out an awareness campaign. Finally, a page was created
on Facebook to ensure that continuous awareness is delivered
and friendly reminders are spread constantly. In conclusion,
using a friendly reminder project was found to be effective in
helping to increase the hand hygiene compliance rate among


hygiene, healthcare associated infection, educational awareness, barriers, compliance rates.

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