Language Status in Children with Birth Asphyxia: A Follow Up Study (Brain and Language)

Shanthini, S. V .


Development of the brain is crucial to facilitate
language acquisition. Any form of injury and malfunctioning of
the brain such as “Birth Asphyxia” can inhibit language
acquisition in children (Jansson-Verkasalo, 2004) and causes
delay in speech and language development (D’Souza et al 1981).
This follow up study (2011) is an extension of a pilot study
conducted by Shanthini et al. (2009) that focused on analysing the
language status of children with birth asphyxia without any other
associated problems to their individual APGAR score, time at
which APGAR score reached 8 and cognition pertaining to


Birth Asphyxia; Language status; APGAR score; Time at which APGAR score reached 8; Cognition pertaining to Language.

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