Experimental Investigation of Surface Finish and Material Removal Rate of P20 Die-Tool Steel in Wire-EDM using Multiple Regression Analysis

C. Bhaskar Reddy, C. Eswara Reddy ., D. Ramana Reddy .


Wire-Electro Discharge Machining (WEDM) is a special form of conventional EDM process in which the material is removed by the electrode, a conductive wire moves continuously. The present paper aims at determining the parametric influence on WireEDM using Taguchi Technique. The objective function is to estimate Surface Roughness (Ra) and Volumetric Material Removal Rate (VMRR).The experiments are designed according to Taguchi’s L16 Orthogonal Array (OA) where-in Bed speed, Pulse-on duration, Pulse-off duration and Current are given as input parameters. The matrix of experiments is conducted on a work piece of P20 Die-tool Steel having thickness of 43 mm. The results reveal that the overall performance is dependent on the Current, Pulse-on and Pulse duration and bed speed in the order. Multiple Regression Analysis (MRA) is used for validation of the experimental results.


Die-tool steel, Machining, Wire-EDM, Pulse-on, Current, Pulse-off, MINITAB, MRR, Modelling, MRA

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