Composite Materials Using Expanded Perlite as a Charge and Plastic Wastes as Reinforcement, Elaboration and Properties

Sara AMRANI, Youssef HALIMI, Mohamed TAHIRI


The optimization and streamlining of certain structures, parts manufacturing combined with high technical qualities (mechanical strength and physicochemical), recycling or reuse of solid wastes, reducing maintenance costs ... have motivated the use and development of specific materials whose composition and characteristics accommodate themselves to technological constraints.
The composite materials based on expanded perlite and unsaturated polyester resin (organic resins regenerated), were developed for this purpose. The basic idea is to combine in the same mass of different materials by their chemical and structural natures in order to increase mechanical, physical and / or chemical performance that can facilitate implementation. The composite materials developed during this study are developed from an organic resin associated with expanded perlite and other mineral fillers including marble powder and / or plastic wastes fibers.
Different formulations are performed; taking into account both the proportion of expanded perlite, the nature of the inorganic fillers or reinforcements. The various tests carried out as mechanical and mechanic-chemical properties are reported.


Composite materials, expanded perlite, plastic waste recycling, mechanic characteristics, chemical properties

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