Preliminary Study of Sunscreen and Anti-Tyrosinase Effect on Microemulsion Extract from Melaleuca Cajuputi Essential Oil using Nonionic Surfactant

Muhammad Hanif Sainorudin, Mohd Zul Helmi Rozaini, Habibah Hamzah, Ainatul Azilah Mohamad Saupi, Nurfaezatil Farhana Norazemi, Zalikha Ismail, Jenny Sin Poh Ying, Nor Hayati Ibrahim, Mohamad Hussin Zain


Global warming nowadays has leaded the cosmetic industry resorts to development in the field of microtechnologies. Due to this concern, the most potential sunscreen effect on microemulsion extract from Melaleuca cajuputi essential oil stabilized using different nonionic surfactant TWEEN 20, TWEEN 80, SPAN 20 and SPAN 80 have been investigated. All microemulsions were formulated via triangle phase diagram, emulsification process, stability test, Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) test and Ultraviolet-Visible (UV-Vis) spectroscopy test. For triangle phase diagram, the most stable formulation microemulsions were composed of nonionic surfactant TWEEN 20, TWEEN 80, SPAN 20 and SPAN 80, olive oil and water with region have been constructed using microscopic test. For emulsification process, the compatible formulation microemulsion was taken from all formulations involved the stability test. For SEM test, the size for each droplets of microemulsion for Formulation 1, Formulation 2, Formulation 3 and Formulation 4 were smaller than expected which is below than 5μm. However, only Formulation 2 was indicated in stable formulation and clearly seen compared to other formulations under SEM test. Result obtained for UV-Vis test was observed Formulation 1, Formulation 3, and Formulation 4 has absorbed only UV-C region with indicate value of increment. Meanwhile, Formulation 2 has absorbed UV-B region that prevent skin from cancer risk. Therefore, Formulation 2 shows good absorption and exhibit high potential to be further developed and use as sunscreen in cosmeceutical products.


Sunscreen; miroemulsion; Melaleuca cajuputi essential oil; nonionic surfactant

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