GSTF Journal of Veterinary Science (JVet)

A research paper submitted to GSTF Journal of Veterinary Science (JVet) must be original that are unpublished and cannot be under review for publication elsewhere during the time it is being considered for GSTF Journal of Veterinary Science (JVet). Furthermore, after you submit a paper to GSTF Journal of Veterinary Science (JVet), you must await the response from GSTF Journal of Veterinary Science (JVet) and only resubmit elsewhere if your paper is rejected--or withdrawn at your request--from GSTF Journal of Veterinary Science (JVet).

In line with our commitment to facilitate research and disseminate knowledge to the global academic community,  GSTF offers authors a platform for rapid publication of their research. GSTF Online Journals fully support publication of research articles ahead of the print issue, thus ensuring our researchers and scholars have access to the most rapid route to publication. In addition, our journals are also hosted on Springer’s Open Access publishing platform - Global Science Journals (GSJ).


Prof. Gordon S Howarth
SAHMRI Cancer Council Senior Research Fellow
School of Animal and Veterinary Sciences 
The University of Adelaide (Roseworthy Campus), Australia


Managing Editor:

Dr. Anton Ravindran
Global Science and Technology Forum (GSTF)


Associate Editors:

Dr. Peter Nara, D.V.M., Ph.D. 
Professor and W. Eugene Lloyd Chair

Director, Center for Advanced Host Defenses,

Immunobiotics and Translational Medicine
Iowa State University,USA

Dr. Chitrita "Chobi" DebRoy
Director E. coli Reference Center

College of Agricultural Sciences

Penn State University,USA

Prof. Pascal Vachon
Department of Veterinary Biomedicine

University of Montreal ,Canada

Prof. Joe Bertone, DVM, MS, DACVIM
Professor, Equine Medicine
College of Veterinary Medicine

Western University of Health Sciences, USA

Prof. Dr. Imad Ibrahim Ali Al-Sultan

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

Universiti Malaysia Kelantan, Malaysia



Dr. Prof. Charles Rosenkrans, Jr.
Professor, Animal Science

University of Arkansas


Dr. W.F. "Frank" Owsley
Extension Animal Scientist & Associate Professor
Meat Animal Quality Assurance and

Environmental Stewardship in Animal Agriculture

Auburn University, USA

Prof. Dr. Thomas Amon 
Head of Department

Engineering for Livestock Management

Free University of Berlin, Germany

Dr. Yanjin Zhang

Associate Professor

Department of Veterinary Medicine

University of Maryland, USA

Dr. Jitendrakumar. B. Nayak
Associate Professor & Head
Department of Veterinary Public Health and Epidemiology
College of Veterinary Science & Animal Husbandry
Anand Agricultural University, Anand