Strengthspotting and Interpersonal Relationships: Development of the Japanese Version of the Strengthspotting Scale

Asami Komazawa, Ikuo Ishimura


This study aimed to develop a Japanese version of the
strengthspotting scale and examine the relationship between
strengthspotting and relationships with others, as well as factors
that related to an interpersonal relationship. A Japanese version
of strengthspotting scale was developed and administered with
six other scales of interpersonal factors to 264 college students.
The results indicate that the Japanese version of strengthspotting
scale has sufficient reliability and validity. Furthermore, the
results revealed a relationship between each of the five domains
of strengthspotting and interpersonal factors: communication
skills, affiliation motives, shyness, optimism and pessimism, and
positive relationships with others. The study provides a basis for
conducting further empirical research and practice on
strengthspotting in Japan.


strengths; personal strengths; strengthspotting; strengths identification; relationships; positive psychology

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