Visual Word Recognition Study on Bilingual Groups of Odisha

Rupashree Brahma Kumari, Anamitra Basu


The current study examined how emotional and neutral words affected during visual word recognition task. The test is measured with two different bilingual groups; Group A (SO) Santali first language (L1), Odia second language (L2) and Group B (OS) Odia first language (L1), Santali second language (L2). These two groups are considered as subject of the experiment. The test was conducted  with two different languages (Santali and Odia).The multivariate ANOVA technique was used to analyze the data generated from experiment for two dependent variables namely, recognition accuracy (RA) and response latency (RL).The factors considered in the ANOVA are visual field (VF) (LVF- Left visual field, RVF- Right visual field), stimulus content (SC) (EW-emotional word, NW- neutral word), word type (WT) (SW- Santali word, OW- Odia word), and presentation mode (PM) (unilateral, bilateral). The result of this study show emotional stimuli were better recognized in LVF than RVF. Unilaterally presented words were significantly better recognized than bilaterally presented words. 


Bilingualism; Visual-field; Language

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