Exploring Cloud Computing Adoptions in Public Sectors: A Case Study

Fan Zhao ., Sandra D. Gaw ., Nicholas Bender ., Daniel T. Levy .


Despite the number of benefits cloud computing
technology has to offer all organizations, both public and private,
risk elements to consider still remain. Previously, these elements
were used in evaluating if an organization would move towards
the cloud or not. Today, it is no longer a question of if, but a
question of when. The task of evaluating the benefits and risks is
now part of the gap analysis used to determine which vendor to
contract with. In the public sector, government entities face a
different set of rules and higher scrutiny when it comes to data
security and budgeting. By evaluating what steps early adopters
have taken in their investigation and analysis processes prior to
choosing a vendor, this paper explores the essential information
about cloud computing adoptions in public sectors and provides
some guidelines that governments can use in their decision
making process when considering cloud services.

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