Low-frequency in the Default Mode Brain Network from Spiking Neuron Model

Teruya Yamanishi ., Jian-Qin Liu ., Haruhiko Nishimura ., Sou Nobukawa .


The approaches for regarding the functional characteristics
of the brain as the dynamical behavior of a multiscale
neural system using neural network models are continued
to attempt since fluctuations on blood–oxygen–level–dependent
(BOLD) signals of the brain at a rate lower than 0:1 Hz
have been observed by functional magnetic resonance imaging
(fMRI) machines under the dozing situation. We construct a
complex brain network model by functionally connecting neural
clusters composed of spiking neurons with a complex network.
By transducing to BOLD signals from firing patterns obtained
by our new model, the network dynamics of the neural system
and its behavior are quantitatively discussed.

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