Pre-Blockchain Semi/Un-Structured Data Storage

  • Atif Farid Mohammad


The current era of Blockchain use is currently dominating the cryptocurrency area. There is a paradigm shift to find storage solutions for Blockchain for business, and the need of current data assets is on the rise. Mostly we have witness that alongside storage, Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides array of services in various domains. In that, Amazon RedShift is a Data Warehouse-as-a-Service solution in AWS. Since data warehouse is immutable, and Blockchain has a vital trait of immutability, this article sheds light on the topics of data loading. While, Amazon Elastic MapReduce (EMR) is another service that allows user to perform Big Data processing and Analytics using Hadoop, Hive-QL and Pig Latin. In our paper, we will explore an architectural approach or an arrangement of processing un-structured or Semi-structured data using Amazon EMR to get structured data out of it, and load it into Amazon RedShift warehouse for further analytics and BI processing.

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