A Framework for the Implementation of Secure Bare-Based Web-Email System

Patrick Appiah-Kubi, Anthony Tsetse


Webmail systems have being developed for
different OS-based platforms. These OS-based systems
present their own benefits and treats. Framework and white
papers for developing these systems are available but there is
no specific framework available for the implementation of
such systems on Bare PC. Implementation of such systems on
a Bare PC poses daunting challenges and innovative
opportunities that are revolutionary in server designs.
Building such systems for security could even be more
challenging. Secure Webmail systems are complex, large and
require intricate components to develop. As a result, a lean
system was developed for this research. The lean concept also
helps to build small protocol suite, intertwining of protocols,
limited requirement space, simple user interfaces and
minimal design options. The paper provides a detail
framework for the design and implementation, experimental
setup and the results of experiments conducted. Performance
is evaluated by measuring the processing time, throughput,
the CPU Utilization and load distribution. The results show
that the performance of the Bare PC Webmail server is
significantly better than that of the OS-based servers.


Bare PC; Application Object; HTTP; PHP parser; TLS; SMTP; Operating system.

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