Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of Breast Selfexamination among Nursing Students in Hong Kong: A Cross-sectional Study

Shuk Yu Maria HUNG, Kam Ki Stanley LAM, Wing Yan FUNG, Kurt NAN


Breast cancer is a global public health concern. Currently, the crude incidence rate of breast cancer in Hong Kong is increasing. Although breast self-examination (BSE) is an effective screening method which able to reduce mortality rates, only a few women perform it monthly. As nurses play a significant role in promoting BSE, this study aims to study the knowledge, attitude, and practice of BSE for nursing students. A crosssectional design was employed, and 372 nursing students participated in this study. Results reveal that even BSE are compulsory in nursing curriculum, poor knowledge (“don’t know” 46.9%, incorrect 9.4%.), poor attitude (mean = 24.29, SD = 3.49) and limited practice (mean = 7.69, SD = 4.66) were found. Regression analysis support that knowledge and attitude predict practice of BSE. It is important to promote and build up the awareness of BSE to nursing students by enhancing their knowledge and attitude.


breast cancer; breast self-examination; knowledge; attitude; practice; nursing students

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