Nurses’ Knowledge and Practice Regarding the Prevention of Cesarean Section Surgical Site Infection in Indonesia

Shinta Novelia, Wipa Sae Sia, Praneed Songwathana


To identify the level of nurses’ knowledgeand practices regarding the prevention of Cesarean Section (CS) Surgical Site Infection (SSI).
Methods: Participants were nurses and midwives working in the labor rooms and postnatal wards. Data collection was conducted at ten government hospitals selected in West Sumatra Indonesia using self-report questionnaires. A total of 201 nurses completed the questionnaires. The levels of knowledge and the levels of practice were categorized as very low, low, moderate, high, and very high.
Results: Nurses had low levels of knowledge and high levels of practice regarding the prevention of CS-SSI in Indonesia.
Conclusions: Nurses' knowledge and practice in certain areas of the prevention of CS-SSI need to be improved. Education and training programs should be conducted in Indonesia to improve nurses’ knowledge and practice regarding CS-SSI prevention using evidence-based practice.


nurses’ knowledge and practice; prevention of surgical site infection; cesarean section

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