The Effect of Benson Relaxation on Reduction of Pain Level Among Post Caesarean Section Mother at Cibabat Hospital, Indonesia

Tetti Solehati ., Yeni Rustina .


Post cesarean section client is suffered of pain
due to operative trauma and after pain. The cause of pain can not
be eliminated. However, the sensation of the pain state can be
reduced by pain management. The pain management is not only
pharmacological remedy but also non pharmacological treatment.
The aim of the study was to identify the effect of Benson Relaxation
technique on pain intensity among mother with post cesarean
section. Design of the study was quasi experiment with pre and post
test design. The study was conducted at Cibabat hospital. The
sample of each group was 30 of post cesarean section mothers with
quota sampling based on criterion. The Benson relaxation
technique was mix between relaxation and faith philosophical
factor or religion. The focus of this relaxation was at certain word
that has a meaning in order to make it calm for the client. This
technique was saying several times with regular rhythm of
surrender feeling. The Benson relaxation was given along 4 days
every 12 hours for 10 minutes. The visual analog scale (VAS) was
used to measure the pain intensity. Those instruments were applied
before and after intervention. The result of the study showed that
the mean of pain before intervention was 4.97 cm. It was decreased
to 2.63 cm. The study found a significantly different comparing of
pain intensity before and after intervention (p = 0,000). Conclusion:
The Benson relaxation can reduce the pain intensity state among
client with cesarean section. The researcher recommend for health
services institution especially maternity department can use the
Benson relaxation technique as a standard operational procedure
of non pharmacological pain management among mothers with
post cesarean section.


Benson relaxation technique, pain, post cesarean section

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