Exploring to Bangkok Chaay Rak Chaay (Gay Men) Accessing Health Services in Thailand

Praditporn Pongtriang


Health services are central to the provision of services for those affected by HIV including, prevention, health promotion and treatment. Access to health services for gay men is significant in increasing their knowledge associated with issues relevant to HIV so that they can better protect and care for themselves. Aim: This ethnographic study sought to clarify and further understand the experience of Bangkok’s gay men and their access to health services relevant to HIV issues. Methods: The data collection was conducted between May and August, 2014. 45 to 60 minutes Face to face interview and digital audio recording were utilised for the data collection processes. Semi structured in-depth interviews undertaken at the Thai Red Cross Research Centre, Bangkok. All interview transcripts were translated from Thai to English. The NVivo program version 10 was utilised to organise the data coding and theming. Result: This study identified that there are few specific clinics for gay men with HIV in Thailand. Additionally, information associated with HIV and other related concerns are required to be more accurate and specific to men living with HIV. Many chaay rak chaay face difficulties accessing services, including a lack of information, privacy concerns and inadequate provision of services. Conclusion: the specific clinic and information relevant HIV issues need to be more readily available and widely circulated. Moreover, health care services should be aware of the privacy issues and personal confidentially issues. Such approaches toward providing services for gay me in Bangkok may assist in eliminating some of the many barriers faced by gay men when accessing health services in the city.


Gay men; Health services; HIV; Experience

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