Nursing Competencies Needed for Electronic Advance Care Planning in Community

Cathy Smith ., Isabelle Ellis ., Linda Jaffray .


Advance care planning implementation occurs across
the world using different legislative frameworks, different
language to describe both the process and the outcome, and
different models to develop these plans. Many countries are in
the process of developing personally controlled electronic health
records. Including advance care plans as part of this record is
proposed in Australia. The Electronic Advance Care Plan
(eACP) in Community project aimed to develop a model that will
engage community dwelling older adults with chronic lifelimiting
illnesses in the process of advance care planning that is
person-centred, evidence-based and has a focus of dignity of life.
A systematic review was conducted to identify models of advance
care planning information sharing and to examine the nurses’
role. A realist review comprising a metasynthesis of 8 qualitative
studies and 9 quantitative studies was conducted. Nursing
competencies need to be developed to include the medico-legal
framework around advance care plan development, as well as
information technology competencies and communication
competencies so that nurses around the world are better
informed for end-of-life care planning and practice in a digital


nursing competencies, nursing model of advance care planning, elderly, community dwelling, chronic illness, electronic medical record

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