The Effect of Stress and Social Support among Postpartum Depression Women in Indonesia

Devita Elsanti, Ns.Sumarmi S.Kep


Postpartum depression is a mental and emotional
condition that can affect not only mother but also partner as well
as child. The negative effect of postpartum depression can
influence infant growth and relationship with husband. To avoid
conditions related to postpartum depression, identifying the
effect of stress also social support need further information.
Purposes: The purpose of this study is to examine effect of stress
also social support the with postpartum depression women in
Indonesia.Methods: A descriptive correlational study was
conducted February-March 2015. The 138 participant was
recruited from Public Health Sokaraja II in Banyumas area,
Central Java, from postnatal visiting in public health and home
visit using convenience sampling. This study used 3 instrument
there are Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale (EPDS),
Perceived Stress Scale (PSS-10), Interpersonal Support
Evaluation List (ISEL) included the demographic data. Results:.
The effect of stress in postpartum depression were perceived
stress and social support significant difference between no
depression and depression groups with PSS mean -3.195 (t=-
4.573, df=136), ISEL mean 3.676 (t= 3.336, df=136). Conclusion:
The effect of stress also social support were involved prevalence
postpartum depression. Further research about intervention
based on cultural in Indonesia setting to improved nurse


postpartum depression, efect of stress, social support

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