Literature review of mental health recovery in Indonesia

Mamnuah Mamnuah, Intansari Nurjannah, Yayi Suryo Prabandari, Carla Raymondalexas Marchira


Background: The recovery process for mental health
patients in Indonesia is still not optimal. This is evident from the
high recurrence rate of patients with mental disorders. This
article describes how literature views the recovery process of
mental health patients in Indonesia. The purpose of this article is
to illustrate the recovery process of patients with mental
disorders through literature searches on publications on the
phenomenon of recovery in Indonesia. Review: Literature
searches were conducted through Google Scholar, BMC,
Springerlink, Science Direct, Scopus, Proquest and the Cochrane
library. A key word that was used in English was recovery, which
is “pemulihan” in Indonesian. The literature search was
undertaken up until August 2015 and retrieved 66 articles
consisting of 60 research articles and 6 non research articles. Out
of these 66 articles, two were in duplicate. 42 of the remaining 64
articles were excluded thus 22 articles in total were reviewed.
There were two articles from a patient’s perspective in the
research focused on the recovery process of patients with mental
disorders. Other research focused on information pertaining to
the recovery process. Results: Only one of the articles portrayed
the stages of the recovery process in Indonesia. There are three
stages to the recovery process for patients in Indonesia, which
consist of the first stage: Arising, gaining insight, the second
stage: Effort, struggling to archive recovery, and the third stage:
Harmony, harmonious integration with the community. The
other 21 articles were on part of the recovery phase, however the
majority of them supported research on the first and second
stages of the recovery process and the third stage, the
harmonious integration with the community has not had much
attention or focus in research. Conclusion: Research needs to
address the recovery of patients with mental disorders in
Indonesia, particularly pertaining to community integration.


component; mental health, recovery, Indonesia

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