The Research on Establishment of “Clinical Practice Guide of Blood Specimen Collection, Preservation and Delivery for Clinical Nurse”: Protocol Description

Fen Zhou, Hong Guo, Yufang Hao, Ling Tang


INTRODUCTION AND OBJECTIVE: The correctness of the blood test is closely related to the sample. According to the recent reported data, 80 percentage unsatisfactory results of the clinical test are due to the poor quality of sample, especially the blood sample. Clinical practice guide (CPG) is directly to instruct the clinical nursing practice. And the recommendations in the clinical practice guide are based on the best available study evidences. There is lack of CPG about blood sample specimen collection, preservation and delivery (BSCPD) in China. Additionally, related published clinical studies are accumulated in a great deal. Therefore, establishing a CPG is necessarily and practicable. The detailed objectives are: 1) to describe and analyze the research status of BSCPD in China; 2) to describe and analyze the practice status of BSCPD in China; 3) to systematic appraise the available evidences of BSCPD; 4) to establish the clinical practice guide of BSCPD; 5) to judge the clinical practice guide of BSCPD. METHODS: Objective 1): Bibliometric analysis is applied, the database include China National Knowledge Infrastructure Database (CNKI) and Sino-med and the research period is from the year of 2003 to 2013; Objective 2): Questionnaire survey for all the registered clinical nurses in a grade three hospital; objective 3): Systematic review according to Cochrane collaboration handbook 5.1.0 is applied which includes assessment of risk of bias, data extraction, data analysis; Objective 4) and 5): Using the appraising guidelines research and evaluation (AGREE) to evaluate of the draft of CPG of BSCPD. RESULTS: Bibliometric analysis started in 2013, and search strategies have been established. Questionnaire survey setting and depth interviewees have been identified and communicated. CONCLUSIONS: The CPG of BSCPD will serve as an important resource in instructing and modifying clinical nursing practice. Given this CPG of BSCPD will be a draft version, the applicability and suitability of it will need a further evaluated in the real clinical nursing world.


Blood specimen; Clinical Practice Guide; Evidence based Nursing

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