An Analysis of Evidence-Based Practice Curriculum Integration in Australian Undergraduate Nursing Programs

Gulzar Malik, Lisa McKenna, Debra Griffiths


Evidence-based practice (EBP) remains a relatively new concept to nursing, creating many challenges in relation to curriculum evaluation. Most of the available literature on EBP focuses to a great extent on clinical practice. There is limited literature available addressing the incorporation of EBP into nursing curricula, particularly at the undergraduate level. Existing literature highlights discrepancies in how EBP is implemented into nursing curricula, and reveals ambiguity in defining the concepts of EBP, appropriate place in the course in which to initiate EBP skills training, and in merging EBP with the research process. In the Australian context and internationally, EBP is variably addressed within undergraduate nursing education.


Evidence-based practice; nursing curricula; undergraduate curricula: research: EBP integration

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